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Holding Abusers Accountable in Civil Court

In so many cases, perpetrators of sexual abuse never have to pay for their crimes, and the victims never obtain compensation for what they have suffered. Although this is a serious injustice, many victims feel fear and shame, so they don’t want to come forward. This fear is totally understandable. However, the person who committed these crimes needs to be held accountable. By bringing a legal claim, you can hold them accountable and obtain compensation for the pain and indignity you have suffered.

We can help you. At The Cauthorn Firm, we focus on helping our clients bring civil claims against sexual abusers to hold them accountable. We serve injured clients in the throughout Georgia. We have tremendous empathy for sexual abuse victims. Our attorney is here to right the wrongs you have suffered and to help you obtain compensation.

A Skilled Lawyer Who Will Handle Everything Related to Your Case

We intentionally operate as a small, boutique type firm with only one lawyer. This allows us to work with you personally and remain available to you throughout your case. As your attorney, Wick Cauthorn will help you through every step of the legal process of bringing a claim, handling all of the important legal matters so you can focus on healing and moving forward in your life.

Start Moving Forward Now

It is important to take a step forward; don’t let fear keep you from taking action. The best first step in that direction is talking with an attorney. We make it easy by offering free consultations. There is no risk in coming in to talk with a lawyer and learning about your rights and options. We will handle your case with dedication and care.

Talk with an experienced lawyer by calling 404-991-2700 or by emailing us today.